Submarine Lung Tester 1910 Mills Novelty Co. Repli
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This item is a Submarine Lung Tester 1910 Mills Novelty Co. Replica 1c Coin Op. Machine The Submarine Mills (1910) Lung testers were all destroyed because of the fear of Tuberculosis. The concept of the game is to blow into themouthpiece on the end of the rubber hose, and try to see how many divers you can bring to surface. This amazing reproduction machine was made in 2004 by JPapa, only 12 were made by the National Jukebox Exchange and Arcade Treasures Company. Most of these machines ended up in private collections and museums all around the world. No known original examples of this machine are known to exist. JPapa & Family kept the original 1 of every reproduced machine hes ever made,which means only 11 are left out there. From what i was told they only reproduce machines that you will never be able to find/purchase ever again. This unit measures at 76"tall x 31"wide x 19"deep.

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