1920s Original Richlube Motor Oil Double Sided Adv
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Hello and thank you for viewing our listing. This is a Very Hard to find 1920s Original Richlube Motor Oil Double Sided Advertising Porcelain Curb Sign. Richfield Oil Corp. Permit No.47 The unit measures at 61" tall x 28"wide (24"sign) x 22"base . “Amazing Great condition with some patina on both sides, Original Porcelain Sign- Double Sided-Excellent overall with no chips in field on original cast iron marked base- Another rare race car graphic. On both sides you can slightly see a some lettering that has been completely cleaned off, " For Sale Used Furniture" shown in last pic where the arrow is. This makes me believe someone put there lettered stickers on the sign and the sun burned the letters in then buffed it clean,you can only see it at a angle on both sides. sold as is. Please study pictures and feel free to ask any questions.”

Sale Price: $21,000.00