Original Rare Chancellor Cigars Die Cut Tin Store
 Stock #: 2003874

Hello and thank you for viewing our listing. This item is a Original Rare Chancellor Cigars Die Cut Tin Store Display Embossed w/cigar boxes 5. chancellor boxes included. This unit measures at 40" height x 32" length .Amazing Condition, has some imperfections in the sign and some slight scratches. some painted sections of the embossed letters are beginning to fade. bottom left tray has a paperclip holding it together looks like the original pin was missing(shown in last picture).some slight scratches on the display, all cigar boxes show a ton of wear and were used + empty. also display has some patina/surface rust spots around the edges and creases of sign. we are willing to ship this item. sold as is. please study pictures and feel free to ask any questions.

Sale Price: $18,500.00