Vehicles Specifications
 Stock #: 6856
 Year: 1964
 Make: Pontiac
 Model: GTO
 Vin Number: 824P166856
 Int. Color: Black
 Ext. Color: Yorktown Blue Poly
 Transmission: Manual

Motivated by the belief that what "wins on Sunday, sells on Monday", Pontiac was highly focused on its racing and performance image as a means to sell cars in the early sixties and Pontiac general manager Bunky Knudsen believed it was that focus that had propelled Pontiac to become the third best-selling car marque behind Chevrolet and Ford during that time. With names like Grand Prix, Bonneville and LeMans, Pontiac's carefully crafted high performance image was suddenly in jeopardy when General Motors' management decreed on January 24, 1963 that Pontiac and its sister division Chevrolet eliminate all participation in racing activities and support thereof. As a result of the ban, Pontiac's chief marketing manager at the time, Jim Wangers, immediately recognized that Pontiac would have to shift its performance image from the track to the street if it wanted to continue to see the same success it had achieved while at the same time he also saw a new market beginning to form comprised of young people who wanted affordable cars that had flash, image, and performance and were unlike anything their parents drove. Wanger, along with Pontiac engineers Bill Collins and John DeLorean developed the GTO with the idea of stuffing Pontiac's 389 engine in a Tempest and to get around GM's limit on big displacement, high horsepower engines in mid-sized cars envisioned it as an option package, which was not subject to approval by GM management. The result was that the GTO package thus became an option on the LeMans, which itself was a higher trim level of the Tempest until it became a separate model in 1963, while the GTO because a separate model in 1966. Built the second week of March in Pontiac, Michigan, this 1964 Pontiac GTO has been fully restored and is in stunning condition and as a first generation GTO the cowl tag indicates that it is a LeMans and was ordered with the GTO option, code 5N. Powered by a factory-correct 389ci V8 with the infamous Tri-Power 3x2BBL setup the engine produces 348 horsepower and 428 ft. lbs. of torque and is mated to the factory correct, aluminum case M-21 close-ratio four-speed manual transmission. The engine itself is stamped with the correct "769" block code which not only indicates that it is a 389, but also that it is a Tri-Power 389 and an M-21 engine as well. Ordered with nearly every factory option available, this '64 GTO was special ordered with a 3.90:1 axle with Safe-T-Track limited slip differential, heavy duty radiator, and metallic brake linings and also features a factory tachometer, custom sports steering wheel, custom hubcaps with spinners and brake cooling vents, and a factory optional handling kit which consisted of 20:1 ratio quick steering and extra-stiff heavy duty shocks. Originally Marimba Red, the GTO has been completely redone in PPG Yorktown Blue Poly which looks absolutely stunning alongside the fully restored black vinyl interior which features factory optional tinted glass and a pushbutton AM radio as well as an optional console. Originally ordered without seatbelts, the GTO now features front and rear seatbelts for safety, as well as a set of Pontiac floor mats. As mentioned above, the GTO rides on a set of stock wheels with factory optional hubcaps and they are wrapped in US Royal Safety 800 7.50-14 bias ply red line tires made by Coker which give the car that period-correct muscle car look. Although Pontiac upper management had serious doubts about the success of the GTO, general manager Pete Estes was convinced of its success and pushed it through to the dealers and although initially limited to a production run of 5,000, the result of Estes' vision saw 32,450 GTO's built in 1964. Out of that number however, just 18,422 were hardtops and only 8,245 were Tri-Power cars, of which this GTO is both, so not only is this 1964 Pontiac GTO desirable as a rare Tri-Power four-speed hardtop, it is special simply because it is one of the most quintessential American muscle cars ever produced. When people think of muscle cars, three letters come to mind: G.T.O.

Sale Price: $61,500.00