Vehicles Specifications
 Stock #: 3013
 Year: 1927
 Make: Ford
 Model: TT Canopy Express
 Vin Number: 14883013
 Int. Color: Black
 Ext. Color: Dark Green
 Transmission: Manual

The Model TT is a truck made by Ford. It was based on the Ford Model T, but with a heavier frame and rear axle, giving it a rating of 1 short ton. When first produced in 1917, the Model TT was sold as a chassis with the buyer supplying a body. Starting in 1924, the truck was available with a factory-produced body. In 1925, a hand operated windshield wiper was added The rear axle of the TT had a worm drive and crown wheel , unlike the Model T's crown wheel and pinion. The worm was located at the end of the drive shaft and above the crown wheel. The wheelbase of the Model TT was 125 inches (320 cm), compared to 100 inches (250 cm) for the Model T. It was often equipped with an accessory gearbox, such as the Ruxtell or Jumbo gearboxes, which allowed the truck to have intermediate gears between low and high, useful for hill climbing. The Model TT was very durable for it's time, but slow when compared to other trucks. With standard gearing, a speed of not more than 15 mph was recommended, and with special gearing, a speed of not more than 22 mph was recommended. Standard worm gear ratio was 7.25:1, and special gearing gave a ratio of 5.17:1. Because of this, accessory catalogs offered items to help give the Model TT more power. It was replaced by the Ford Model AA truck in 1928. This TT Canopy Express has undergone a complete frame off restoration with nothing overlooked. The body is finished off in dark green paint accented with black fenders. The temperature is monitored by a brass Boyce Motometer. This beautiful piece of history is a must for any collection.

Sale Price: $29,500.00