Vehicles Specifications
 Stock #: 9199
 Year: 1938
 Make: Lincoln
 Model: Model K
 Vin Number: K9199
 Int. Color: Black
 Ext. Color: Black
 Transmission: Manual

Since their invention, apart from being just a method of transportation automobiles have served multiple roles of being both works of art and fashion statements as well. While cars of today still serve in these roles, this trend was no more prevalent than during the heyday of coachbuilt automobiles in America which lasted from the early 1900's up until the late 1930's. However, as automotive technology progressed the vast differences in build quality between coachbuilt cars and mass-produced vehicles began to shrink as production vehicles continued to improve to the point where there was little difference in quality other than design, and with the onset of the Great Depression in 1929, sales of coachbuilt cars began to shrink rapidly. By 1930 Lincoln was well established as a premier luxury automobile manufacturer and during its production run, the Lincoln Model K was the best selling model of its entire line. Produced as complete model as well as a standalone chassis available to customers who wanted a coachbuilt body, Model K sales declined with the introduction of the more modern Zephyr in 1936 and the flagship Continental in 1939 and as a result production finally ceased in 1939. This 1938 Judkins-bodied Lincoln Model K is one of just over four hundred Model K's built that year and one of the last produced before production ended. In the hands of private collection for the past twenty years, restoration of this Model K was started some time ago but has since stalled and so the car is being offered in its current state. Powered by a mammoth 414ci flathead V12 engine producing 150 horsepower, this Model K has a rebuilt numbers-matching engine that requires final assembly. The block has been rebuilt with new internals and also features new cylinder heads while many of the other major components of the engine such as the distributor and carburetor have been restored. The Judkins coachbuilt body of the Lincoln is in remarkable shape for its age, and features aluminum bodywork save for the fenders, running boards, cowl, and hood sides which are steel while the body itself, along with the trunk, doors, firewall, and the top of the hood are all aluminum. Overall the body is straight and rust free and needs little in the way of bodywork and according to the original production records located with the help of the Henry Ford Museum, this limousine was originally shipped to the Long Beach area on December 31st, 1937, likely making it an original California car its entire life, which helps explain its preserved condition. Additionally, although believed to be complete, the interior needs to be redone as well but most of the original interior items appear to be present, such as the original folding seats. While taking over a restoration can be a daunting task, this Model K is a worthy candidate as such a rare vehicle, and much has already been invested in the restoration in the engine, chassis, and even the hubcaps, which cost $2000 alone to acquire. With just over four hundred Model K's built in total, not including production numbers for coachbuilt versions, this Judkins-bodied limousine is truly rare and with pre-war coachbuilt cars commanding the prices they are today, this Lincoln Model K is a chance to own an extraordinary piece of automotive history at a fraction of the price.

Sale Price: $21,500.00